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An Application To Connect Your Smartphone To Windows for Free Messaging

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


Mysms is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to instantly send and receive SMS messages on your PC or laptop. Sometimes it can be a painful to grab your phone that's across the room to make a text. With this application now there's a way to text without leaving your PC. Send & receive texts on your computer just like on your Android phone. Infact, leave your Android phone in your pocket and send or receive SMS text messages on your tablet computer or desktop. Mysms is available on all major platforms, including iOS and Android, and will sync all of your contacts and texts with their servers. If your contact uses Mysms too you can use Mysms as your new Messenger and text 100% free instant messages using Mysms friends. Some key features of "mysms" are unlimited free texting to other Mysms users, sync texts between your Smartphone, tablet and computer, remote SMS, text online via your mobile carrier, multimedia sending pictures and files, automatic SMS Back-up, desktop notifications, works with Mac, PC and any browser Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, save texts to Evernote etc. Texts can be sent quickly and you can even attach photos to send a MMS. This Windows application is easy to use. After installing Mysms on your Android device you can start directly texting from your computer and web browser. To be able to use Mysms all you need is that you have to have the Mysms Android application installed.


An instant messenger, free texting if you’re friend has the same application, MMS supportive, quick and easy to operate. In short it an All-in one application, all you need is PC and Smartphone.


With graceful interface and friendly features this application can cope up with all computer beginners. So I highly recommend it to all Smartphone or Android phone’s users



  • Supports MMS
  • Syncs messages and contacts
  • Free text to other mysms users
  • Without having mobile send SMS to friends
  • Backup you’re SMS
  • Free SMS between user’s mysms


  • Somewhat complex installation process
  • Need an iPhone or Android

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