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With Some New Experience Complete Media Hub For All

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


Zune software is media player application which converge the new strategy of Microsoft, like Apple iTunes. Media player, music store and online video, app store and CD Zune has all that and more with a library furthermore, it facilitates playlist creation, video and audio playback and benefits from a marketplace from where you can purchase various albums easily. It is compatible with Windows Vista,  XP, 7, 8 also it easily syncs with Zune devices. It can automatically download metadata tag data for content presents in the library and album art. Application also connects with the Zune social and keeps track of files swapped with other users. The Zune software runs on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7. But Windows XP Professional x64 is not supported. If you have a Smartphone running under the OS Windows Phone 7, Zune is the prerequisite to manage the contents of your phone. It allows access to the application store for Windows Phone 7, via the "market" button. The Zune Pass for € 9.99 per month allows access to the entire catalog of music streaming and download an unlimited number of songs on up to 3 PCs different and other compatible devices. Zune has complete and user-friendly interface.

Features: Zune scans your files to add music, pictures and movies to your library, accessible under the "collection" button. This also allows you to download and listen to podcasts and also subscribe to Zune music channels. Zune also can burn a CD or DVD from its local content, and stream movies, music and images to an Xbox 360 connected to the same router. You can get a weekly updates of your friend’s activities and also real-time notifications of comments and new messages. Search option helps you finding the name of a band or artist conveniently even if you have no idea how to spell it correctly. It brought basic features, like play, fast forward, resume, full screen, volume adjuster as well. You can set media files to Quick Play for easy access to your favourite tunes and also browse media files through the last played items from the History section as well. Online help is available from Zune too.

Comparable to other softwares Zune automatically import files, including videos and music from Windows Media player, music store and online video, app store and CD. Browse new or old music from marketplace from where you can purchase various albums easily. Plus, it works with Xbox. And don't forget, it sync with Zune devices.


Who can use this software?

Novice, professionals or home users anyone can utilize this software with a great fun.



Multimedia Hub
Integration of Microsoft products
Manages the contents of a Windows Phone 7 Smartphone
Media Store and App Store included
Streaming content
Zune pass for unlimited music


Bugs to download content

No full pass for movies

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