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Tools for web 2.0 websites Pack

Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav



XAMPP software is a cross-platform Apache distribution enriched with third-party applications PHP, MySQL and Perl. For developers who need to test dynamic web pages locally, there are some applications that recreate PHP, SQL or Apache. The best solution to get them all at the same time is probably to download XAMPP, a complete application package that has all the tools. It also includes the newest versions of Mercury and Tomcat. The installation process requires user intervention only to ask if the components should be installed as Windows services and more.



Among the programs grouped into XAMPP found  mod_ssl, PEAR MiniPerl, OpenSSL, Webalizer, FileZilla FTP Server, phpMyAdmin, SQLite, Zend Optimizar and Mercury Mail. Everything is accessible from a window specific menu XAMPP. The global configuration options are accessible via a good old MS-DOS window. For the rest, each program has its own interface and its well-known web developer’s settings. XAMPP is a kit all-in-one for developers of dynamic web pages. Free and Open Source, it is available to everyone, but is primarily intended for professionals and students.


Recent Changes

Includes Apache 2.2.12 (IPv6 enabled) + OpenSSL 0.9.8k, MySQL 5.1.37 + PBXT engine, PHP 5.3.0, phpMyAdmin, Webalizer 2.21-02 + GeoIP lite, FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.32 and 1.4 msmtp .17

XAMPP all in one tool for dynamic web page developers receives regular updates in order to keep up with the latest version of the included components. Also you can set up an account and password for secure access through it. 

XAMPP primarily designed for professionals and with a bit of effort beginners can be mastered of it.


  • Pack all-in-one
  • For dynamic web pages
  • Free
  • Newest versions of Tomcat and Mercury


Only for professionals

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