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WindowsAndroid Free Download

Experience Android on your Windows OS

Last Updated on: 09/10/2013

Windows Android as the name suggests, it allows you to enjoy the capabilities and features of the Android operating system on your Windows. You can download it for free but to run the application you have to download APK file so that you can enjoy its full experience. It is designed to offer you a full Android user experience on your PC or laptop. Through this software which enables you to run apps much faster and to watch fullscreen with an excellent and delightful experience that you won’t get on Android phone. Windows Android keeps entire characteristics of the mobile device platform, like let’s just start with its refined animation, primary lock screen to the specific modern interface, virtual buttons and intuitive menus. Actually through this you are allowed to try out all the features of this OS and fully assess its capabilities, without actually having an Android handheld device. Windows Android supports both windowed mode and full screen, along with different user interface resolutions, it can be easily controlled using the mouse, remote tools or through keyboard. This application is fully integrated with other Windows application like Flash or Window Media Player so you no need to worry about it. The coolest feature of this application is that this whole OS run smoothly and faster without taxing your CPU too much. It has some glitches though, to watch out for such as loading some website will result some error, loading camera may show some problem and sometimes crashes, and missing images would be happened. It basically combines the functions of Bluestacks and YouWave and tried to emulate Android on Windows. Its aim is to run Android apps freely and easily as any other Windows application do. It does not run by a virtual box but actually run on real machine, so it is faster than other applications and keeps all the Android capabilities. Infact it includes 3D games also. So overall it is a complete package for enjoying Android applications on your PC with a fullscreen and faster experience.


It is a complete package that includes complete experience with the full Android OS, unlike other applications like Bluestacks which only allows running only limited Android apps on Windows. And the other feature that includes is Flash or Window Media Player.


This is software which gives you richer, reliable and delightful experience to run your android apps/games and other apps with a faster.


Every PC user can get experience of android apps through this software. Also if you don’t have an android phone or like to run your apps on big screen with a faster experience then you should opt for it. Around the world million of users connected to this application and utilising it and now it’s your time.

Use Android on your PC

WindowsAndroid emulates the Android OS on your computer. The program reproduces the Android version 4.0.3 and can be a good outlet to test the little robot system without leaving Windows.

The idea is good and WindowsAndroid turns your Android device into a computer almost complete. The program is lightweight, does not consume a lot of PC resources and brings almost all the features and functionality of Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3).

However, the imitation of the system does not include some key elements such as the Google Play store. If you want to install some of the apps for Android, you should find the file. Corresponding apk and copy it in the folder SocketeQ \ windowsandroid_root \ system \ app WindowsAndroid.

The lack of audio is another downside of the program, but expect it to be fixed in future versions.

  • Gives complete Android OS experience
  • Includes Flash and Window Media Player
  • Quick start
  • Includes 3D games
  • Android user interfacing
  • Easy to operate
  • Lack of Audio at the moment
  • Apps should be installed manually
  • Unstable web browser
  • Faces crashes sometimes


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