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Windows 8 Charms Bar Skin

Download Windows 8 Charms Bar Skin

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Windows 8 Charms Bar Skin Free Download

A fair Alternate Charm Bar of Windows 8 for your Windows 7 PC

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav 


Windows 8 Charms Bar Skin is a simple customizable program with Rockdock interface; you can easily add the Charms bar to your Windows 7 desktop using a Rockdock skin. It offers you two separate skin options for your Rockdock- one is transparent and the other is black. To get a Charms bar with a black background copy the Settings file to the root of the Rockdock program folder by replacing the current Settings file. However if you want a transparent Charms bar rename the Settings transparent file to Settings and copy it to the program folder. To add Charms bar to your Windows 7 desktop you need to extract the .rar file. It automatically uses the icons, skin and place a Charms bar on the right side of your Windows 7 desktop. Also you need to move your mouse on screen to access the charm bar. You can use several tweaks and apps of Windows 8 on your Windows 7 PC easily.


It’s very good deal of getting Windows 8 Charm bar on your PC because it all your issues, you can use its features by using several tweaks and apps. It has a bit tricky installation but once if you make it, this thing become really worthy.


It’s an alternate for all Windows 7 users to get Windows 8 charm bar on your PC. So, use it now.



  • An alternate for Windows 7
  • It offers two charm bar- transparent and black background
  • Attractive


  • Installation is tricky

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