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Windows 8

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Windows 8 Free Download

The leap into the future of Windows

Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, designed to work both as Desktop PC tabletsand hybrid devices.

The main new feature of Windows 8 is the new Start screen , which takes the Modern UI interface, and present other Microsoft products such as Xbox, Windows Phone and online services like .The new interface with the tactile world born in mind, but without forgetting the keyboard and mouse users.

This new design is not just purely aesthetic, as Windows 8 comes with a new type of applications , downloadable from the Microsoft Store , and running from the new interface. These applications simpler, lighter, more "as mobile applications." This new design also accompanies the disappearance of Aero detriment of pure lines and opaque surfaces.

Desktop What Lifetime? Well there is, as a more. From it you can still run all the programs that worked with earlier versions of Windows, the executable programs lifetime, your installer, folders, etc. ...

In terms of performance , Windows 8 is spectacular . To give you an idea what your computer did with Windows 7 (or Vista or XP) will do the same, but faster.The time to start on Windows 8 has been drastically reduced, the resource management is much more efficient and works great even with old equipment.

Other noteworthy new features of Windows 8 are: a new and improved Task Manager, integration with the cloud using SkyDrive , improved file transfer,Internet Explorer 10 , the use of the Ribbon interface in File Explorer, the option of System Restore and many more ...


Windows 8 comes in three flavors:

Windows 8 version Basic , the equivalent of the Home versions of Windows 7 and the one for the standard user.

Windows 8 Pro: the successor to the Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7. It is a version suitable for advanced users and professional users .Windows 8 Pro adds functionality Remote Desktop, Windows Media Center, Virtualization Hyper-V machines and drives encrypted by BitLocker .

Windows 8 Enterprise: oriented enterprises with advanced networking capabilities . Windows 8 Enterprise adds Windows to Go, remote access VPN, network file caching DirectAcess for faster access and application blockingAppLocker .

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  • Carefully designed
  • Excellent performance
  • Windows Store Applications
  • New Task Manager
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Touch Capabilities
  • Takes some getting used
  • The Start button has disappeared


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