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Voice Changer Software

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Voice Changer Software

Last updated on: 06/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav


AV Voice Changer Software is designed to alter our voice to make it funny or at least unrecognizable. The demo is very limited in what we can do, but gives a good idea of how it can morph our voice. The fastest way to change our voice is to plug in our microphone and click 'nickvoices', which gives us a range of presets. For example, if we're male, we can choose things like Baby, Schoolmistress or Old Woman, Prudent Girl. Most of these sound fairly similar and unrealistic. If we want to add effects to or disguise our voice AV Voice Changer Software is a simple app that is required. Whether to make jokes on the phone, record a different voices for a sketch or even change the timbre of our favourite singer, everything is just a click away.


By simply connecting a microphone to the PC, we can access the recording in MP3 format and then we can add effects to it through the options to change the pitch, frequency, tone of voice and an equalizer on several bands. While its handling is not very easy and we will spend a little time before you spot it correctly.


It is a purely entertaining software which can be used by anyone.



  • Range of voices to choose from
  • Alters your voice live


  • Awkward interface
  • Taking some obvious hand

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