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Find Plagiarism on the Internet

Last updated on: 21/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav



Viper proves to be a reliable application that offers an intuitive layout and a handy set of parameters for helping you detect plagiarism. Viper is fast becoming the plagiarism checker of choice rising over and above other plagiarism checkers. This tool comes in handy in case you intend to verify the authenticity of different academic papers that may include notes taken from books or journals which are plagiarized or copied accidentally without specifying the reference from anywhere. The freeware compares uploaded documents with sources on the Internet and locally stored files.



After installing Viper to sign up for free on the website of the software. The user selects the document to be verified in format HTML, TXT, DOC, RTF, PDF, DOCX and assigns them to a subject category like Personal Statement, Cover Letter, Biology, Business, Education, Finance, English Literature, Translation and Film Studies etc. Documents can be uploaded into the working environment using the built-in browse button so you cannot rely on the drag and drop support anymore.  You can open the files directly from the primary panel using your default application view information about the files to be scanned. With the start of the scan matches the Viper to be checked locally stored documents with the sources and the Internet.  It shows the plagiarism rate and the location of the copied sources. In a juxtaposition view Viper marked the overlaps found. Generate reports at the end of the scanning process view details about the number of matching words and percentage as well as limit the scanning task to a user-defined number of files. 

Completely reliable App

Viper helps authors and editors alike in the review of work for plagiarism. In the test the software was somewhat unstable but found the text copied from Wikipedia reliable. Re-Log before each new search slows the program and is disturbing.



  • Compares documents with local folders, Viper database and the Internet
  • Indicates plagiarism rate and compares the retrieved documents
  • Reports can be saved


  • Not very user friendly
  • Logs for each new search
  • Runs somewhat unstable
  • Does not support OpenOffice documents


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