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Last Updated on: 09/10/2013

Introduction:Uranium Backup Free is program that protects your personal and official stuff or everything else. Uranium backup program will help you to create security copies of selected files and documents and save them in different locations. It is freeware and also have paid version. It is useful to create backup copies, network transfers, synchronizations, zip compressions. Uranium Backup Free in fact copy files and folders from and to NAS Server, USB mass storage devices, external Hard Disk, network computers, iOmega REV Drive. It enables you to make Database backup, FTP and SFTP transfers, TAPE backup, CD or DVD writing, sending of e-mails, ISO images creation, ZIP archives and a lot of other things. But free version features are somewhere limited so if you want more features you need to switch to paid versions. It has quite complex configuration but have easy navigation if you don’t want to get into it. Just click to a specific backup folder, choose destination (external, network drive etc) for it and one more click your copy is available to you.    


Installation:Uranium is fast and lightweight program and it installs in just few seconds. It has no built-in restore feature for backups on an external hard drive so you have to copy files manually. Uranium Backup can restore from optical media, tape and a zip file.


Features:Uranium Backup is built from many years of testing and distributed in over 90 countries and translated in 13 languages. It can perform backups of files and folders, databases, virtual machines on other storage peripherals for security purposes. You can create disk images for disaster recovery plans. If you need more then you can switch to Option dialog.

The other magnificent feature it includes is flexible Scheduler that can be switched on particular times may be days of the week, or on selected days of the month, or any other defined interval of time. Uranium Backup provides several advanced options to easily customize your backup tasks. Uranium Backup allows to make several types of backup: Differential Backup, Full Backup, Special Backup and Incremental Backup but all these features can be obtained through paid versions as free versions have some limitations. You have 7 editions of Uranium Backup available currently. Out of these one is freeware while the others are commercial.


Hardware requirements:
Intel Pentium CPU of 1GHz or more
RAM requirement: 512 MB
Free disk space: 20 MB


Conclusion:Uranium Backup is powerful program but its interface keeps the things simple until unless you desire it to be more complex. You can schedule a backup in no time limit. It has a reporting system that alerts you in case of any failure. Everything remains in your control in this software. It is an industrial strength, and usually configurable backup tool. All is very straightforward.


Uranium Backup provides SQL backups, virtual machine backups, drive images; etc which you hardly get from other programs plus it’s very straightforward and easy to navigate if you don’t want to get into it deeper inside.


Uranium Backup has a lot of features for business users but some of its limitation and complexities make it harder to use by home users.

Scheduled backups to store in any medium

Uranium Backup is a backup tool that aims to make easier and more comfortable this task by automating the entire process.

You can create more than one task, assign which folders to copy and where will go. And not worry the rest, as Uranium Backup can automatically backup a particular day of the week or month and in one or more hours in particular.

The process can pause or stop whenever you want, and supports numerous destinations to save your important data: an FTP server, CD / DVD, an external hard drive and even professionals DDS drives.

Uranium Backup also thinks of space and security, so you can keep copies in a ZIP file and protect it with a password and 256-bit encryption.

Recent changes

  • New Features
  • Tape: ASPI support removed (obsolete), now the program always uses the native interface
  • And disk image backup of the system state: better handling of errors
  • FTP: better handling of insufficient space error
  • FTP: better handling of errors
  • FTP: new interface and enhanced functionality


  • Provides backs up files and folders
    Provides SQL backups
    Virtual machine backups
    Drive images
    Provides flexible scheduler

  • Free version has lack of features as compared to paid versions
    It has no built in restore feature for files/folder backups
    The technical service, synchronization, Burning Drive Image Backup, CD/DVD/BluRay, options are unavailable in free version



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