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UltraSurf : App To find Hidden anonymous on the Internet on the go

Last updated on: 31/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav



With UltraSurf you remain largely undetected on outings on the internet. Ultrasurf is a tiny network security application that sends your web traffic data to Ultrasurf's servers to anonymize. The small freeware switches between browser and network connection and act as a virtual barrier. With Internet Explorer, the program works right off the bat, Firefox users need an additional plug-in from the same vendor.



Once started, directs UltraSurf all Internet traffic through a proxy server called to. It is disguised by the free software the true IP address of the user. Additionally, Ultra Surf deletes the browser cookies and history of recently visited pages. When it is launched the app will show three status lights with their respective speeds. You can select the one that gives you the best performance out of them. In the options you'll find options for manipulating Internet Explorer which Ultrasurf defaults to though you can disable this. Manually a port can be specified for listening so you can forward that port with your router. Other apps like Hotspot Shield give users much more control and are more transparent about what the program is doing. This app is more like an on and off switch. It has no fancy encryption algorithm to mask your traffic on it.


Superior to all!

UltraSurf does the job reliably. While Ultrasurf is lightweight and simple to use there are simply better alternatives out there that provide a more transparent options and features. However the program uses only a single proxy. More professional solutions like to send the browser requests the same over several cascaded and changing proxies. 



  • Free
  • Easy to install
  • Superlight
  • Intuitive interfacing


  • Less number of features



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