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TypingMaster: A complete package of ice-candy for novice

Last updated on: 20/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav



TypingMaster for Windows is a personal typing tutor for learning professional touch typing skills. This program delivers all of the essentials you need to improve your keyboarding skills. This new improved typing skills will help you get things done quicker. This app is an extensive clearly structured study material covers the basics of touch typing like special marks, the numeric keypad and tips on ergonomics as well. Learning is supported by multi-form exercises including keyboard drills, graphical timed texts, personalized review exercises and games. The slicks interface and easy to follow instructions walk you through well-designed lessons, games and drills.


New perk to the app

The standout feature of this typing software is Satellite application. The application analyses the typing speed and the difficult keys which seems to work at the beginning but quickly becomes erratic in the last lessons and would insist you take extra practice for keys. You can also choose any drill and test in the software to work on a specific typing weakness. The typing tests show graphically which finger you should use for each keystroke and they're smart enough to adjust their duration to your level. The trial version lets you take only two lessons but you can preview the rest. 


Completely for you

TypingMaster earns a spot on delivering effective touch-typing instruction. TypingMaster also does boast a few features including its unique Satellite feature that makes it worth actually.


If you're really seeking for basic no-frills typing software than this app is for you.



  • Supports a variety of keyboards
  • Statistics on speed and accuracy
  • Bug free


  • Erroneous spacing in texts
  • Outdated interface


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