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Torch Browser

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Torch Browser Free Download

A browser based on Chrome full of surprises

Torch Browser is an alternative web browser that integrates social, download video and audio forstreaming and BitTorrent client.

Based on Google Chrome, or rather in its development version Chromium Browser Torch will like to unite the advantages of Chromeand its own improvements. 

Chrome tuning

Torch Browser is an improvement over Google Chrome, as it adds new features as the original would have to add the extension.

First, Torch Browser has a torrent client to download files . From a separate tab, you can add Torrent via URL or file and see how it downloads.

Second, Torch Browser lets you download videos and audios for streaming. 's simple and not select the quality and format of saved but will be useful to store these files and convert later.

On the other hand, with Torch Browser can share the page you are viewing by clicking on the button Share, compatible with Twitter and Facebook. 

Other cool features are the option to share the name of the songs and groups of listeners through Music Torch, and the ability to look for something on Google, Wikipedia or YouTube selecting a word or phrase and dragging the right side of Torch Browser. 

But not as robust stable

Torch Browser should offer the same quality as Google Chrome, that is, speed and low resource consumption . However, by including functions, Torch performance suffers, especially when you use BitTorrent function, very demanding on the performance of Windows and the browser, regardless of your internet connection is better or worse. 

Chrome on the outside, inside Torch

Opening Torch Browser, the first impression is that you're using Google Chrome.Certainly it is, but what sets are Chrome Torch accessories and features added , some as subtle as the search function and other visible from the address bar, as are the buttons Share , Media and Torrent . 

Improving Chrome

Torch Browser Is a serious alternative to Google Chrome? The answer is yes.Still some way to go, as debug resource consumption BitTorrent client andimprove the function of downloading videos for streaming , but currently Torch Browser works very well and offers the same advantages as Chrome plus someinteresting additions . 

  • Download streaming audio / video
  • Integrates BitTorrent manager
  • Convenient download manager
  • Social functions
  • All the advantages of Google Chrome
  • It lets you choose video download format
  • The resources consumed BitTorrent manager


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