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The Holy Bible 3D

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The Holy Bible 3D Free Download

The Holy Bible 3D

Last updated on: 06/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav



The Holy Bible 3D is a user friendly interface completely free program in an interactive and engaging novel that will help you read the word of God in a very simple and fast manner no matter if you are at office, home, work or travelling all you need is a PC. The Holy Bible 3D PC software is designed for anyone and can be useful for daily reading or as an app for study of Bible.


It feels like reading the Bible verse by verse almost as if you have that in your hands. Through it you can read the Bible by chapter with pleasant interface. You can change the size of the biblical text, font that is displayed to suit your convenience. It also enables us to change the colour and highlight these texts. It searches for words or phrases in the Bible indicating new, old, specific book, whole Bible. You have opportunities to add to favourite biblical quotes then consult or prepare Bible studies. You can also copy all interesting data to paste them or share them on social networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. By means of buttons located next to the bookmark buttons on each page.


This software is designed so the user can easily search bookmark and save their favourite verses which can be edited, organized and stored by subject title.


This software can be used by all kinds of people Christians, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Adventists all kinds of people regardless of creed, religion or race.



  • You can do sharing on social networking
  • User friendly interface
  • Can be read anywhere or anyone can read it


  • Nothing worth mentioning

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