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SwitchSniffer: To Monitor and control of local networks

Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav


SwitchSniffer is a program that lets you monitor and control communications made in your local network. Switch Sniffer is the newest utility developed to assist the user in a multi tab interface that scans the network that instant and deeply to search for service accessed, remote IP addresses and local machines. In terms of monitoring, with SwitchSniffer you can find out how many users are connected, the traffic generated by each type of dialogues conducted, what IP addresses are visiting, among other possibilities.


The Switch Sniffer works simple and it shows remote host, local host, or session details. The techie enthusiast would surely be delighted when using such application since it gives them a lot of benefit in using the features of the Switch Sniffer. And, regarding your options for control, it aids in easy instant connection to various available access points on the dot. The program allows you to block a particular user on a selective route their communications and, with the help of a sniffer program, analyzing held packages.


In short, SwitchSniffer offers a number of features to control and also enables in detecting possible threats and problem on the network who can connect to your network and find out what they do at all time.



  • Effective and efficient
  • Multi tab interface
  • Advance interface


  • Limited trial version

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