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Superbird Browser

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Superbird Browser Free Download

Superbird is one of the fastest browsers

Last Updated on: 09/10/2013

Superbird offers all the benefits as Google Chrome does, but with maximum data security since Superbird doesn't send data to Google these include RLZ identifier or websites visited client ID, installation ID, Google Updater, etc. This browser has been developed taking special care of stability, speed and the security of the user's data.


  • Superbird is faster than other browsers
  • Superbird is free
  • Easy installation
  • No data is sent to Google
  • No adware

The program looks very similar to Google Chrome. SuperBird’s start page is a "New Tab" page which allows you to access your most frequently visited websites with one click. In addition, the program allows you to browse several webpages simultaneously credit goes to its tabbed system, just like the new versions of the most widely used Internet browsers.  The program's installer is capable of importing the settings of your other browsers for you.

SuperBird is also capable of managing bookmarks, browsing history, and downloads. It allows you to tweak any of both its simple and advanced settings, just like with any other Internet browser. The program offers you easy access to the list of your recently closed pages, so that you can recover any of them in a snap. This is a very useful feature, especially when you have closed a webpage by accident. Moreover, you can view the source code of the current webpage, or save the full page to your hard disk, among other powerful features.

The other thing to mention is that all the extensions available for Google Chrome are also supported by SuperBird. You can enable or disable any of these extensions at any moment. The program even includes a tool called "Task Manager", which allows you to monitor the CPU, memory, and network usage levels of SuperBird, any active extension, and of the active webpage.


Super Bird is the free alternative to Google Chrome. He surprised by a high speed and stability without having to worry about having to make this data security. A variety of plugins is available for download!All plugins and themes can be loaded not only from the Chrome Web Store, but from any other site!

Compared to Google Chrome no data being transferred to Google in Superbird. these include RLZ identifier or websites visited.

This browser is ideal for people who want to take advantage of your fast Internet connection fully and want it to compromise on security matters.


SuperBird is a fast, lightweight and secure Internet browser which offers you all the most helpful features available in other major browsers. Besides, as it is based on the same source code used for Google Chrome, they are 100% compatible. Maximum data security since Superbird doesn’t send data to Google these includes RLZ identifier or websites visited, client ID, installation ID, Google Updater, etc.


Superbird is highly compatible with Google chrome in addition to it is highly secure, stable and provides speed to users, plus it provides all the required features as other browsers do. So usually it targets all the organisations and individual.

  • Stable and lightweight
    Provides you with fast and secure Internet browsing
    Does not send information about your browsing to Google or any other site
    Its installer is capable of importing the settings of your other browsers for you
    Provides you with easy access to the list of recently closed pages

  • Compatible with all the extensions available for Google Chrome

  • Does not allow you to configure the printing options



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