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Starter Background Changer: Apply the wallpaper in your Windows 7 Starter in seconds

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


If really looking to change the background wallpaper of your Windows 7 then, here the Starter Background Changer, a panel of choosing wallpaper that integrates with Windows 7 Starter, it replaces the wallpaper with your desired image immediately. You simply need to browse the image you want to apply as wallpaper preview it within the main window of the app and then set it as the new desktop background. After you install Starter Background Changer, the first thing you'll notice is the turn of the Customize button in the Desktop context menu, as well as an option to use images as background by right clicking on a JPG, PNG or BMP. For each fund can choose their position and adjustment. It enables you to choose the alignment of the image from Centre, Stretch, Mosaic, Normal or Filling options, this program works unobtrusively with no taskbar icon. Although the installer is only available in French, Starter Background Changer is adapted to the language of your team.


Comparable to other it’s more elegant than other similar patches; Starter Background Changer brings the desired freedom to the choice of background in Windows 7 Starter.


It’s an intuitive application that can be used by those who want quickly to replace their Windows 7 PC background.



Import several images
Change Windows 7 Starter wallpaper
Seamless integration with Explorer
Very similar to the original menu
Rotating images in a folder
Free and Easy to install and use



Installer in French
Display advertising

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