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StaffCop Home Edition

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Download StaffCop Home Edition:Parental control software

Last Updated on: 09/10/2013

StaffCop Home Edition is parental control software having unique monitoring features. There are various sophisticated features which include application accessed during system usage, social network monitoring and control and also keeps screenshots records. This version is designed specifically for home use not for official use. This application helps parents to observe and keep a watch on their children’s activities by tracking which websites they are going through and their socializing sessions over web as well. We know that now computer is the place to connect ourselves to tech world and studies are now greatly depends on computer. It has become a necessity of children for their learning. It enhances their abilities and agilities as well.


But kids also need to be protected from the computer because of two aspects. One is the dangers lurking on the Web and second one is losing sense of time and spending too much time playing games. That is why it is necessary to use StaffCop Home Edition on computers. This will help to prevent visiting websites that are clearly inappropriate for children. Also allowed corporate security, data loss prevention and monitoring software.

Features:PC activities reporting , Social Network monitoring and control, Screenshot recording , Search Term monitoring (searching in search engines), Application monitoring, Keystroke recording, E-mail correspondence monitoring, Web site monitoring, Clipboard monitoring, File and folder tracking, Chats/IM activity recording, USB device monitoring, Alert notifications, Printers monitoring, User log recording, installation and monitoring, Stealth mode.

Supported Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

Ram requirement: 20.8 MB


StaffCop Home Edition is parental control software is not only about blocking, it is about monitoring and analyzing user’s activities. This software helps parents to analyze and watch their children's internet-activities. Software is designed to track IM chats (ICQ, Skype, and AIM), website visits and social network activity.


StaffCop Home Edition is optimized and designed for home use and to get best and worthy work on single PC. It is meant for parents to monitor their kids.

  • Helps to monitor kid’s activities on network
    Easy installation
    Free of cost
    Data loss prevention

    Corporate security

  • Nothing worth mentioning


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