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Watch football for free on the internet

Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav



SopCast which will allow using browsers for viewing television shows. This application allows users not only to listen to radio or watch TV online but also to broadcast video and audio content over the Internet. This software is a powerful solution that makes watching online TV channels. Bundesliga football and Chinese top games included. 



Everything might install without any issues, one should keep in mind that opening certain streams depends on the Internet connection one can configure is actually the language of interface which can also be selected at the beginning of the installation along with the default media player. SopCast's channel window will pop out of the side of the player but you can expand this to full screen or export it to Windows Media Player using the vision controls on the panel.

In conjunction with the Windows Media

Player and RealPlayer, the free software video and audio as online streams are directly on the computer again. Streaming content over the Internet is quite an easy task because SopCast works with multiple file formats such as WMV, ASF, RM and RMVB. Broadcasting content over the Internet, users can choose a different port just to make sure they are able to bypass firewalls and so on. The number of supported TV with SopCast keeps within limits. SopCast for it brings you great picture quality and clear sound. 


In direct comparison with the other software, easy to understand user interface built forward. This alternative is also free TVU Player. You can even create your own private channel and decide what users can watch it by creating a network group thus enabling you to run your very own personal TV channel in SopCast. This app is definitely one of the tools to be considered when looking to watch TV online and it uses BitTorrent technology which makes things even better.


With the software you have access to some content not approved for adolescents. Parents should not leave minors unattended use the program.



  • Makes watching online TV channels
  • Listen to radio or watch TV online
  • It broadcast video and audio content over the Internet
  • Option to configure language of your choice
  • Easy streaming the content over the Internet


  • Nothing worth mentioning

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