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Seven Remix XP

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Seven Remix XP Free Download

A Windows7 Remix for Your XP

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


Seven Remix XP provides for a change of scenario. The free theme mimics the surface of the Windows 7 operating system including start-up, cursors, system sounds, different styles and custom Taskbar for your Windows XP interface. Seven Remix XP is installed automatically but its installation need attention and created a system restore point .Then XP will appear in the Windows 7 style. It might take some time adjusting to the new look Seven Remix XP allows users to choose an image that will be used as their account picture and that can be used to easily identify accounts In addition to start-up screen and desktop. It adjusts the taskbar, fonts, icons, and mouse and screen savers. Also the Windows 7 sounds are part of the package. Over a control to disable request specific individual elements and fits the theme to your own taste. It makes computers a bit faster, stable and great performer. But, it does not work with 64 bit versions of Windows and also, comes with 7-Zip to unpack.


Despite its name the application will also work with other versions of Windows, alongwith fast installation, runs great with great speed, boost up performance, and provides stability and much more.


If you are a lover of Windows 7, but purposely working on XP than this is a great solution to support your inner wish of working on XP but with a face of Windows 7.



  • Quick installation
  • Stable
  • Screensavers
  • Various icons, task bar and much more included along with Windows 7 sound effects
  • Offers manual setting completely of your choice
  • Takes time to update context switches and taskbar


  • Doesn’t support 64 bit version of Windows
  • Installation requires attention


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