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Server2Go: Runs Webserver directly from USB and CD-ROM

Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav



Application Server2Go which is a Webserver runs without any installation which means clustering can run a webserver that directly from USB, CD-ROM stick or from any folder on harddisk. Server2Go was primary Developed for use on the CD-ROM purpose there is no problem use it from other drives as well. This app allows you to create a standalone working website or PHP application on CD-ROM.

Using a web browser, a user can run php programs as well as view html files on the CD-ROM. All you need to insert a CD with Server2Go under the supported operating systems of Windows. The server starts automatically and opens a browser with the Website of the CD-ROM. This application is build to replace a tool called Expired WampOnCD that lacks some significant features and is not actively developed.


This app supports SQLite, MySQL and PHP5. It also runs without any installation and have very easy navigation throughout. So, it’s a great alternative to other relative softwares.


It’s quite easy app, so anyone can utilize its features.



  • Runs without installation
  • Free
  • It’s a PHP application on CD-Rom


  • Lack of significant features

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