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Scratch: App to build up your programming skills

Last updated on: 20/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav



Scratch is an interesting and educational visual development app designed to introduce children to the logic of programming and software development. Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively and reason systematically. Scratch is essentially a graphical programming language where coding is much easier than in traditional programming languages. The intuitive interface and many commands are available to allow you to create various games, creative animations, stories and more
even developed by MIT. Scratch can be used by anyone who wants to create something with their computer despite of having technical knowledge. Just a little confidence with the mouse and the right age of getting start with Scratch.


Recent Features

To create simple games, animations, multimedia files you simply need to select the available commands and add them to your project. Almost as if you were assembling a building with Lego. The controls obviously must be connected to the images, figures and sounds, they also put together with the same visual system. With this new version you can ask users to input text from the keyboard, take photos directly from built-in or USB webcams and control robotics with LEGO WeDo TM. Infact This version has a more flexible user interface so that it can work on smaller screens such as on netbook computers. Also you can program your own interactive stories and share your creations with others in the online community as well. You can also embed your project into other websites like Facebook. You cannot convert it into a universal format. For example a game can only be used from the program but you cannot turn it into an executable file.


Scratch is to encourage kids to think critically, creatively and make unique programs on their desktop by their own.



  • Intuitive interface and colourful
  • Many commands available
  • Good library of sounds and images


  • Unable to export projects
  • Documentation in English only


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