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SAM (Streaming Audio Manager): Software to make Your PC radio station

Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav



With SAM (Streaming Audio Manager) Broadcaster to create own streams and broadcasts live on the Internet. The streaming software converts music and speech in all major formats. SAM Broadcaster makes your own computer an Internet radio station. As computer DJ can broadcast live programs archives offer or provide on a site hosted on the server of the manufacturer web page, a web-request concert.



The clear and well organized interface allows you to load tracks, create and manage a playlist, to mention only part of the abilities of SAM broadcaster, add effects for voice and music. SAM comes with really good streaming encoders that work with MP3, OGG, mp3PRO, WM9 or aacPlusv2. A neat feature of SAM Broadcaster is its ability to display in the main window how many listeners are currently connected as well as the highest number of connected stream viewers. The sound and voice special effects are accompanied by faders, history, track queue and equalizers not to mention a playlist manager and a track organizer that can help you place tracks in appropriate categories.  The software in addition to the usual virtual CD players with all important functions specific radio controls on board studio clock and statistics module special controller for a perfect mix of speech and music. FM transmitter and Voice-Tracking features keep SAM Broadcaster ahead of the game while some handy event and FTP logs as well as statistics relay and an event scheduler complete the list of goodies. SAM supports the Icecast streaming formats, Live365, P2P streamers, Shoutcast, Steam Cast and Windows Media.


SAM Broadcaster brings Internet DJs quickly and easily on the Internet. The program interface can be explained for the most part itself.



  • Automatic mode
  • Radio-specific controls
  • Compatible with all streaming formats


  • For streaming may apply depending on the number of listeners’ high costs

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