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RealPlayer for real

RealPlayer is a versatile multimedia player published by RealNetworks. A pioneer of streaming, Real Group has long dominated the market for online video . The 15th release she announces the return of RealPlayer on the front of the stage? 


RealPlayer has always been more than just a player , between content aggregator and platform download. With this version 15, Real does not change the rules, but from Windows Media Player , and Adobe Flash technology, these are not competitors missing!

As a recorder, you can record the incoming stream via record button and enjoy the"time-shifting" . On sites like YouTube and DailyMotion, a tab appears offering torecord video directly . Note that with RealPlayer 15, you can now share videos viewed directly with your Facebook, Twitter or via email contact. 

Getting Started

The interface revisited brings improvements in video display and resizing.Managing files, through the media library, was also reviewed. Changes necessary and effective. 

To use

Behind the new design tabbed RealPlayer lies a all-in-one able to surf the Internet, burn CDs, download streamed flows, aggregating content. Short versatility as Real ... Enough to hold a candle to its competitors iTunes andWindows Media Player . 

Our opinion

Perfect for basic use , RealPlayer however reserve its most interesting to buyers of its functions "Plus" version : burning to DVD and Blu-Ray, download and convert videos to formats compatible with most mobile devices and game consoles etc.. 

Formats supported by RealPlayer

Real Audio, Real Video, DVD, WAV, MP3, MPEG, QuickTime, Windows Media, H.264, 3GP

Last Modified: 13/03/13

  • Video quality up
  • Quite successful interface
  • Offering legal content
  • CD burning
  • Charged interface pubs
  • Advanced features exclusive to the full version


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