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Quick Heal Internet Security

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Quick Heal Internet Security Free Download

Quick Heal internet security: For offering internet protection against threats

Introduction:Quick Heal internet security is designed to protect your files and folders plus check the mails and essential attachments from threats and virus. Quick Heal is popular and known name for computer security. It amazes with its DNAScan technology to offer better protection and performance with null compromise.  It comes with simple interfacing this time yet robust. The simple logic of this software is Freedom. Freedom of surfing, chatting, tweet, download, communicate and shop online, play games, work online without any fear of safety at all.

Installation:Quick Heal 2011 has enhanced its installer to speed up the installation. Quick Heal internet security trial version you can download for free plus gives a quick experience of downloading and installing. In fact you don’t require much technical configuration.


Features:Quick Heal internet security protects your PC and laptop against all kind of internet or network threats, malwares and data theft. It consists of Anti Phishing, Anti Spam, Parental Control, and Web Security. It provides a safe and secure internet browsing experience of online Banking, shopping, chatting and playing games online. Its update to virus database can be done manually or automatically. Quick Heal internet security component allows you to run a full scan or custom scan in order to select the folders that need to be scanned. Through it you can scan the computer at the first reboot or scan the programs that are loaded in the memory or in order to prevent viruses from attacking the system. This application also supports scheduled scanning and the jobs can be configured in terms of thoroughness. You can lower the scan time by adding locations you want to be skipped during the verification process. Next is email scanner that can be used to block the attachments that are suspicious or file extensions specified by the user? This application automatically detects the programs that sending you the emails and prompt for your permission. Quick Heal Internet Security includes a firewall and Anti Phishing which blocks the suspicious websites. The Parental Control feature offers advantage to parents to restrict the access to certain websites. The predefined categories can be used to prevent computer users from offensive websites and also to create a list of the websites that should not be available. This application includes additional tools that can help you prevent USB disk infections or create an emergency disk for cleaning infected computers. During a scan the program requires about 260 MB of memory and therefore has a very little impact on system performance.


Conclusion: Quick Heal Internet Security is a reliable application through which you can control the Internet access and protect your PC or laptops from virus threats.


Supported Operating Systems:Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7

Hardware requirement:
For Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Pentium Processor: 300 MHz
RAM: 256 MB

For Windows Vista, Windows 7(32bit)
Pentium Processor or higher: 1 GHz
RAM: 512 MB

Windows 7 (64 bit)
Pentium Processor or higher: 1 GHz

RAM: 1 GB or higher


Quick Heal Internet Security provides a safe and secure internet browsing experience of online Banking, shopping, chatting and playing games online without any fear and also blocks offensive websites. Configuration of it is very simple and offers faster installing than other security system.


Quick Heal Internet Security is the lightest suites available and it is the fastest and strongest in protection. Home users, parents or any organisation can use it with complete freedom.


  • Easy interfacing
    Various scan options
    Provides privacy
    Safety for online browsing
    Parental control feature

  • Need extra space in memory for scanning


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