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A Very Frequent and Fast Screen Capture Tool Now, In Your Hands

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


Postimage is very fast, simple screen capture software, slick that can be captured as a still image the PC screen. In addition it is also possible to specify a range manually after you capture, you can also directly save captured images as it is, to be shared online. The captured image is saved to the clipboard automatically and it can even copy the URLs of shared images, without the need to open looking where to find the image all the way, paste can be quickly and documentation. It is optimized for posting and sharing images directly as well as saving them locally. This application runs in Windows XP to 8. It's an intuitive and easy to manage setup. Infact during Settings you can command Postimage to save our upload history and then copy the URL to the Clipboard, configure hot keys and Proxy settings, set the name and file formats and enter Account API Keys. It offers you various features like multiple image upload in one go, global hotkeys to activate screen capturing instantly, quick sharing of images, customize screenshot and much more. Postimage work is still in progress so you may experience bugs in this initial stage of its release. 


Postimage works like most screen capture tools but those things that sets it apart is the time and effort it saves when you want to post or share the images it captures. Also it's perfect for linking to message boards, auctions, blogs and other various websites.


It’s a quite easy and fun kind of application so; I recommend it to all users for experimenting once.



  • Nice thing
  • You can select an area finely to customize
  • Save the screen shot to the clipboard automatically with URL


  • There is a possibility that the bug occurs because being in development phase

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