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Password protect: The magic carpet that hides your files

Last Updated on: 09/10/2013

Password protect is an application for those who want to lock down their files/folders and want password protection for them. Sometimes users don't want to give access their data to any other user of the same device. For this purpose users use hide function or software's to make their files password protected.  Likewise administrator other users having multiple folders can set password for their folders and next time they will not be accessed by any other users. Therefore it would be locked until unless you don’t remove the lock yourself. Protected folder locker protects important data from theft, leaks or loss and user’s privacy as well.


Installation is as easy like a snap takes few minutes to get install. Once it get install to your PC, all you need to just drag and drop the data into protected folder’s safety box and this can hide and protect your data from being manipulated or viewed. It is an ideal solution if really concerned about the safety of our PC stuff. Using the application really very easy and simple so far, it needs minimal setup to perform and being in use. It includes making folders inaccessible to read and/or write so protects them from copied, deleted, and modified or else. Exclude filters files which don’t need to be protected. It is supported by Windows 7.


Password Folder helps protect from prying eyes sensitive files and documents. This Password Folder lets you hide or prevent reading or writing. That way, whoever access those files must know Password Folder and password you've set. Password Folder is integrated into the Windows context menu. So you can lock documents directly from File Explorer.


Password folder is quite effective and simple application and does what it says exactly. Easy to install as have file size only 5.2 MB and it takes a few minutes to try it out will be worth your time. All its functions are works excellently.


Protected Folder is an application targeted towards people who are concerned about local file security. People who have a shared computer or store sensitive data on their local PC and who want to password protect a folder or lock folder.

  • Context menu integration
  • Hides and blocks access to files
  • Easy to use
  • List of excluded files
  • You can not uninstall it without the password
  • Easy to install
    Easy to use
    Make files inaccessible to the unauthorized users

    Disable read/write/manipulation of files once prompted the password
  • Appearance dated
  • Few advanced options
  • Lack of configuration option


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