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The perfect browser for tablets and netbooks with Windows 7

Last Updated on : 09/10/2013

Opera Mobile for Windows 7 is the perfect browser for your portable device. Lightweight, quick responses and fantastic on touch screens.

If you have a netbook or an underpowered computer knows that sometimes open certain internet pages is torture. To end the suffering, Opera Mobile for Windows 7 is the perfect alternative to win - a lot - in browsing speed.


Opera Mobile is lightweight, has incredible performance and works perfectly on touch screen tablets. As with other portable versions, Opera Mobile also has Opera Turbo - which compresses and further increases the speed of the browser. Result: the speed at which pages load is impressive.

Another feature that stands out in Opera Mobile is the scrolling of pages in tablets. This, not to mention the zoom system that is just perfect, both with the mouse as your finger.


A complete review of Opera for Moblie

Opera Mobile is a web browser for smartphones and PDAs . It is a very comfortable web browser to use. The Opera Mobile browser is the answer for those who want to browse the Internet on their mobile device. It is a strong browser with plenty of features and supports secure websites. It makes viewing sites on a phone with a great pleasure. It has good user interface which makes navigating the web easy with an interface which features like buttons for going back one site or forward one site and a refresh button. It has another option i.e. page zoom option, while viewing a page, you can use the menu to zoom into a page up to 200% or zoom out until the page is 25% of its original size. Multiple windows in Opera Mobile allow opening multiple windows. Security enables Opera Mobile to support secured webpages. It is available for a variety of devices that run on Android, S60, and Windows Mobile. It includes a password manager feature and the automatic completion of addresses you type in and also save web pages so that they can be generated automatically for next time when web browsing suppose to be used. It has feature that lets you search Google or other search engines next to the address bar. The best feature is Speed Dial, where you can set one-click shortcuts for up to nine of your favourite sites. Load times in Opera Mobile aren't as fast. But if you go to secured sites on a regular basis, or really like the ability to open multiple windows in your browser, Opera Mobile must be the best choice.


Clear that Opera Mobile has bookmark manager, auto-complete features, password manager and classic homepage "by Opera." All this for easier navigation. A single negative point is up to the search bar - it is impossible to change it.

Opera Mobile for Windows 7 is a special version of the browser for netbooks and tablets. Undoubtedly, one of the best browsers there.


How Opera for mobile is diffrent from other browsers?

Opera mobile software preferable for smartphones, PDAs, netbooks. It is a very comfortable browser with lots of worthy features which makes it precious. Some best features it has are its graphical interface, page zoom, then multiple windows feature, password manager, automatic completion of addresses typed, speed dial and secure too. So as for regular basis or really like the ability to open multiple windows opera would be the best choice.


All mobile, netbook, android, S60, Windows mobile users who want browsing internet on their devices can utilise the opera mobile program’s features with a great convenience.


  • Good performance and Overall usability
  • Fast and with a great zoom
  • Perfect for netbook, tablet PC or underpowered
  • Quick Answers
  • Speed ??Dial to manage bookmarks
  • Loads pages very quickly
  • Multiple windows for viewing more than one page at once
  • Few advanced functions
  • Loading time becomes inconvenient sometimes



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