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Opera 12 with powerful extensions and great performance

Last Updated on: 09/10/2013

Opera 12 internet browser has quite similar functionality and features as opera 11 but it has managed itself further to improve its start-up time. New APIs allow developers to access the computer’s webcam as well as better support for browser windows and tabs in extensions. It has newer innovative themes and better support for web standards such as HTML5. Opera includes some special features such as Opera turbo which compresses web pages for faster page loading and Opera Link which syncs your passwords, bookmarks, history and extensions between devices. Opera has a huge collection of extensions, including popular ones like Buffer, Pinterest, and Add to wunderlist and much more. Addition of mail and chat client, tab preview and the stunning interface are the plus points. Opera also lets you group tabs together into stacks to save space on the tab bar. The stacks can be compressed when not needed and expanded later.  Opera has one of the best Speed Dial implementations on any browser ever have. Opera 12 makes for a great experience, with a combination of speed, performance and stability, great support for web standards, a great collection of extensions and some unique features built-into the browser.


 Opera 12 is an internet browser with reliable features including speed dial, innovative themes, always faster, password manager, link turbo, web cam access, powerful extensions, and trusted, safe and secure features.

  • gruppierbare tabs with preview function
  • built-in BitTorrent client
  • Mouse Gestures
  • very fast
  • Powerful extensions
    Safe & secure
    Great collection of themes
    Web cam access
    Speed dial

  • nothing worth mentioning




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