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Norton Antivirus

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Norton Antivirus: A perfect Antivirus against malicious threats

Last Updated On: 09/10/2013

Introduction:Norton Antivirus is one of the leading security software available. It offers you powerful protection and defends against spyware, viruses, bot, rootkits and other malicious threats before they infect your computer.
It works secretly in background so with this you can surf web confidently. Also it checks for updates endlessly and blocks the new threats constantly that come in its way. It has been committed that it is the lightest, fastest and strongest security software ever, works very smoothly and with no complaints. Once it’s been installed to your PC then becomes the finest experience you have ever.


Installation:Norton Antivirus trial version you can download for free plus gives a quick experience of downloading and installing. Infact you don’t require much technical configuration. Its settings menu also includes a bunch of configuration options which you won’t get in old versions.


Protection:It provides the basic protections like Bot protection, spyware remover, Browser protection, Recovery tool, Internet worm protection, Rootkit detection, Intrusion prevention, OS and application protection alongwith Rapid pulse updates, Norton Insight, Sonar behavioural protection. It has four unique layers of protection keep you and your stuff safe from threats and do more things online without worry. Browser Protection gives you complete security to safely surf, shop and enjoy all of your favorite online activities by stopping online threats before they challenge your PC stuff. Rapid pulse updates provide you with up-to-the-minute protection.Sonar behavioral Protection protects your stuff from threats that are so deep and secretive tough to figure out, so you can share files keep yourself online safely anytime, without having to wait for updates. Norton Insight delivers innovative intelligence-driven technology for faster and shorter scans. It also prevents virus-infected emails so you can feel secure. Its enhanced protection system features multi-layered protection technologies that work simultaneously and actively block cyber-attacks, detect and remove malicious threats before they can harm your PC. With this Antivirus you’ll experience better than ever that quickly detects and eliminates almost any threat whether you are online or offline.


Recent updates configured:It offers you 24*7 service for asking queries by phone or online. Its 4 layer of protection helps you throughout for safe online browsing. Help to deliver safe and secure websites and blocks all fake websites. Keep eyes on the installation stuff so saves you from freaky and dangerous programs and applications. Provides safe social media outlets and protects from unsafe links. Rapid pulse updates delivers up to date minute report constantly. It also prevents cybercrimes by keeping safe your personal information from stealing.

Supported Operating Systems:Windows XP, Vista, 7
Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer6 and its succeeded versions, Mozilla Firefox versions, Google Chrome 10.0 and its succeeded versions.
Email: Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook 2002 or its successors, Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0 or its successors

Conclusion:Norton Antivirus requires small space for its resources and has quick install time. It delivers fast scanning and booting in real time domain.


The King of the virus is still going strong

Norton AntiVirus is a reference when it comes to protecting your PC. A virus in Portuguese complete and very efficient.

Tough times for viruses. Norton AntiVirus, one of the classic titles of the genre, promises much struggle and high protection. The program is on call for you and defend your computer against the most common viruses and all sorts of undesirable elements.

The protection Norton AntiVirus offers is total. Browse the Internetwithout risk , receive and read e-mails , use chat programs , access content from discs, USB sticks and external drives. Norton AntiVirus handles all these processes are carried out safely.Alternatively, disable the protection on any of them.

When Norton Antivirus detects a virus, spyware or Trojan horse , puts them in quarantine to ensure system integrity. Online updates LiveUpdate keep alert program and day to cut off access to the newest threats.

Norton AntiVirus also offers other interesting features such as historical reports and map network security. To avoid problems in the functioning of the program, you must remove any other antivirus machine before installation. Install Norton AntiVirus and declare war on the virus.

Norton AntiVirus 2013

The 2013 version of Norton AntiVirus comes with extra reinforcement against cyber attacks. The software promises to remove especially heavy attack, before which the most basic antivirus fail.

Another novelty is the use of setting the internet connection according to the device on which Norton is working. This feature has been specially designed for mobile phones and tablets, where uncontrolled access 3G internet can burst data packet hired by the user, making it pay more than usual for the service.

The new Norton AntiVirus, and try to cover the security flaws of the applications you use and analyze the behavior of their devices to detect and eliminate new threats also offers support 24 hours a day, every day of the week through multiple channels (email, chat, phone, etc..).

  • 24 hour support
  • Fast Analysis
  • Clean interface and good visual
  • Network mapping and monitoring
  • 4 layer of protection keeps safe online browsing
    Rapid pulse update provides constant minute’s report
    Keeps safe social media outlets
    Protects your personal information from stealing

    Sonar behavioural protection
  • Registration and installation takes quite



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