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Nokia Suite as a windows wizard

Last Updated on : 09/10/2013

Nokia Suite is software that supports mobile phones it allows you to sync your phone with Windows. You can download it for free and get easily install to your PC with some step by step wizard guides you throughout during the time of installation. It has quite relevant and friendly user interfacing. The Nokia Suite is the current version of the program that debuted as Nokia PC Suite and later became Nokia Ovi Suite.
Nokia Suite is a file transfer system between your mobile phone and computer. If you ever lost all contacts and other stuff from your phone, it could be a challenge and big problem to get all that data back. But, if you have this software then this would not be huge problem to sort out because Nokia Suite is capable of backing up everything that is on your phone and restore it back.


It manages the messages, phonebook, and schedules in your mobile and exports them to the PC. It is window based programme that allows you to manage personal and multimedia files by connecting to your PC. Besides, file transfer and backup it enables you to update your phone with latest softwares and allows you for sharing multimedia files, like synchronize emails, images, contacts, text messages, maps as well as calendars with your Outlooks. It allows you to share and organize the stuff present in your own phone like music, videos, photos etc, and to download data directly from PC to your phone. It can be act as a modem to connect you to the internet through the PC. It creates a backup for your mobile data and also restores it. All this process can be done using Bluetooth and USB cable.


It is very much user friendly with Nokia phones easily synchronizable and quite cool updated features. It has great backup and restoring capability and almost compatible with all Windows.


For all the Nokia phone users this is must software. As it do the entire major task when once connected between phone and PC.

Manage your Nokia from PC

Nokia Suite is an application for Nokia phones sync with your computer. With it, you can create backups and do much more uncomplicated.

The Nokia Suite is the current version of the program that debuted as Nokia PC Suite and later became Nokia Ovi Suite . These name changes were a strategy adopted by the Finnish manufacturer to position itself in the market, but in the end, prevailed brief and straightforward Nokia Suite.

Syncing photos with Nokia Suite

If you ever lost all contacts in your phonebook, you know that gives a headache to get the damn phone or data everyone again. But it can always be worse ...Imagine losing torpedoes, photos or ringtones?

Not to take risks, install the Nokia Suite and in addition to backing up everything that is on your phone, you still can synchronize data with your PC. Of course your phone needs to be Nokia. Nokia Suite is translated into Portuguese in Brazil and brings a software package very useful for the device.

You choose how you want to connect your phone to PC: with a USB cable or Bluetooth. The interface of the Nokia Suite is very simple and intuitive. In addition to synchronizing data, you can also use Nokia Suite as a platform to download programs directly on the phone.

Other cool features of Nokia Suite are sending photos and music from phone to PC and vice versa, edit contacts, sending SMS, calendar sync your phone with your computer and more. No more losing important things.

  • Free and easy to use
  • Backs up data from mobile
  • Transfer photos and music
  • High sync speed with USB cables
    Easy to install
    Provides backup and restoring facility
    Shares data between PC and mobile phones
    Updates your phone with latest softwares

    Acts as a modem for internet connectivity
  • It doesn’t work with every Nokia device


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