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Netflix for Windows 8

Download Netflix for Windows 8

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Netflix for Windows 8 Free Download


Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav




Netflix for Windows 8 is video streaming application that is reliable and useful especially designed for Win8 users who need to watch effortlessly their favourite TV channels. It allows you to instantly watch various TV episodes and movies from PC.


This app gets a Windows Modern UI for Windows 8 with a beautiful interface and runs only in full screen so if you are performing other activities you will have to switch back and forth between Netflix for Windows 8 and your desktop. Controls are large and easy to navigate especially with touch though the application works just fine with a mouse and keyboard. Netflix is an American online TV provider which streams shows and movies over the Internet. Before using this application, you might need to check if the Netflix service is available in your country, otherwise you need a VPN solution to help you connect to various servers and then be able to access your favourite episodes and channels instantly. Netflix will save your spot when you pause or close the application and you can pick up watching from any other Netflix supported device. Also you are able to preview the new film releases and view their video trailers. You can even search movies by genres such as action, comedy, thriller, drama and Science-Fiction, to name a few. Netflix also supports Windows 8's multitasking mode.

Netflix brings a great movie and TV viewing experience to Windows 8 PC users. It’s an easy and steady solution dedicated to all those who need to access their favorite TV channels and movies and watch them to their PC.



  • Beautiful interface
  • Save your spot 
  • Video streaming
  • Multitasking mode


Nothing worth mentioning


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