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Mozilla Firefox 3

Download Mozilla Firefox 3

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Mozilla Firefox 3 Free Download

Classic version of Firefox, one of the most popular browsers

Firefox 3 is a old version of the Mozilla Web browser, based on Gecko 1.9.2, and the last before the change to faster development cycle 2011.

A veteran of the web

Firefox 3 is still valid on the web today, and we may provide a better performance than most current browsers on an older computer .

However, it is possible that some web pages may not display correctly as support for standards was not complete and does not include even HTML5 support that do have the current browsers. 

If it works, why change

Modern browsers are increasingly loaded with features and programmed with the mind set on the high-performance PC, which can make them work in an old PC slow

If this is your case, and you still use the classic Firefox 3, no shame in that.Basically, Firefox has hardly changed since then , although the version number indicated otherwise. 

What's New in Firefox 3.6

Among the new features of Firefox 3 highlights the functionality People , whereby you can include a custom background on your browser very quickly, and without rebooting.

In addition, Firefox 3 lets you know when a complement is outdated, urging you to upgrade. 

  • Private browsing mode that leaves no traces
  • Thousands of available Extensions
  • Convenient download manager
  • Alerts dangerous pages
  • Some of the extensions are not compatible
  • Follow consuming excess resources




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