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Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox Free Download

Mozilla Firefox - The evolving web browsing

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that managed to carve a niche when the market was occupied entirely by Internet Explorer. Its secret power and versatility, gained through years of development, and a huge catalogue of extensions to increase your chance to infinity. 

Functions: always complete, always growing

If anything has characterized Mozilla Firefox is continuously introducing new features that make Web browsing easier and faster. As always, in this program can expect tabbed browsing, saving bookmarks, support for extensions and customization. But Firefox also includes more advanced options as a panel for web developers, advanced configuration of privacy and security, search engines, configurable and easy to access, PDF reader, fixed tabs and even installing web applications like Desktop.


Usability: more ways to access your eyelashes

Although not introduced Firefox tabbed browsing, yes that was the program that ended widespread popularizing this system. Now, in their latest versions, has placed on the bar, more accessible, and has introduced Panorama: A visual manager that organizes groups. 

Presentation: colourful and increasingly stable and fast

Besides usability improvements, Mozilla Firefox also brings purely aesthetic functions. This is the case of People, a collection of themes or skins with which give a unique look to your browser. These skins are previewed directly to not have to install them and know how to get.
But all is appearance between the virtues of Firefox. If something has earned the favour of the users is their compatibility with standards. HTML5 and CSS3 are supported almost entirely by the usual and plug-ins such as Java and Flash.
In Mozilla Firefox are constant improvements in rendering engines (Gecko) and JavaScript (Ion Monkey) that lighten the program to make it one of the fastest to load pages with recent technology.

They welcome change because the browser requires continuous improvements in speed, surpassed by competitors like Chrome.

Conclusion: The ultimate free browser

Firefox has become its own right in one of the web browser standards and a role model for free software. Overcome the doubts of his early releases on their high consumption of resources, we have to pay to the evidence: navigate using Mozilla program is a pleasure to suit the tastes of each user.
However, there are still areas where Firefox is second: lightweight, easy to install extensions, dedicated Web applications ... Aspects in which his chief rival, Google Chrome, still has advantage. 

Recent changes made in Mozilla Firefox

  1. New logo
  2. "Block Mixed Content" enabled to protect users from attacks man-in-the-middleen HTTPS pages
  3. Improved menu interface about: memory
  4. DXVA2 enabled on Windows Vista
  5. "Load images automatically", "Enable JavaScript" and "Always show the tab bar" removed from Preferences.
  6. Corrections


  • Improved performance loading and JavaScript
  • New design optimizes use
  • Support of standards like HTML5 and CSS3
  • Improved management extensions
  • Improvements customizable privacy


  • It is still somewhat slow reflexes


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