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MiniLyrics: Matches Right lyrics to All Your Favourite Music and Great Compatibility with All Audio Players

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


MiniLyrics is an audio utility that will enable you to learn the lyrics of any song you are listening to on your computer. With it you can read the words of any song you are listening to without having to surf the net through lyric websites looking for them. Often you can hear music on the computer and also might like to sing it the most. But after first lines you may come to a halt. MiniLyrics eliminates such vulnerabilities of the user and represents the respective song matching lyric from the internet.   MiniLyrics treats like a plug-in and supports 18 audio players such as  Windows Media Player, Winamp, Apple iTunes, foobar2000 and much more. This tool automatically connects itself with the audio player you are using.  After installing and establishing, MiniLyrics automatically starts with the player and displays the right lyrics. MiniLyrics searches for the song in Lyrics servers and once it has found it then the program downloads the words and shows them in your audio player. If no lyrics exist in the database, the user can create its own data and offer other MiniLyrics users via an editor also it comes with a big database which expands itself with every song that comes out in the market. You can  save lyrics as a LRC file, rate and upload lyrics, select lyrics floating mode or lyrics bar mode, select character encoding or configure display options like enable mouse click through, adjust hue, enable karaoke display mode, single line, double line, horizontal scrolling, or select vertical scrolling, movie subtitle style or static text.


The interface of MiniLyrics is completely customizable so you can select from several skins like iTunes Mode, Fantasy, Windows 7, Modern, Metal and many more. So overall you go through all latest or old lyrics with no issues. The software is small and easy to use with low memory consumption. 

Comparable to its primitive apps this program integrates with all popular players and added with great features. It’s a great way to be the ice candy in parties.


As being an attractive application with classy features all music lover can use it easily and go through the actual lyrics. So, download it now.



  • MiniLyrics supports formats LRC, SNC, TXT
  • Great compatibility with various audio programs
  • Supports big and dynamic database
  • Less memory consumption
  • Fixes crash issues


  • May not consist lyrics of all songs


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