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Microsoft Visual Basic

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Microsoft Visual Basic: Complete development environment

Last updated on: 27/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


Microsoft Visual Basic provides a complete development environment for programming on the PC. It provides you with all the required support for your operating system to properly run Visual Basic application software to develop software. It is programmed for one half of the source code, half of the small GUI applications and complex projects. Microsoft admits one year free use of a Microsoft Visual Basic.


It represents the programming language as well as the IDE i.e. integrated development environment that uses the COM programming model a software components’ binary-interface standard. COM is a language neutral way of implementing objects that can be utilized in environments different from the one in which they were engendered even across machine boundaries. Microsoft Visual Basic exact model has been the foundation stone for many other technologies and frameworks developed by Microsoft such as Windows shell, ActiveX, DirectX, COM+, OLE, OLE Automation, Windows Runtime or DCOM.

All contents are added on through graphically-based programming interface of Microsoft Visual Basic.  It is rudimentary web browser for example that has been programmed in less than ten clicks. The intricacy of each element is determined by corresponding feature menus. If the development environment for certain details once offer any configuration options you can create source code in a separate mode of Microsoft Visual Basic code directly to the source. No matter whether in the text or in the visual programming mode, you have to of course familiar with the Visual Basic programming language.


If a program is finished, Microsoft Visual Basic grabs the code in a compiled file without having to resort to other applications. This is just as true for executable EXE files as screen saver or DLL libraries. It’s a web-based development environment that invites projects to FTP server.


Thus, this edition includes a database of commonly used standard code, clean code structures and numerous helpers that save time again. Also, it helps any computer programmer that works with Microsoft Visual Basic in order to create their application software.



  • Fully graphical interface
  • Separate source mode
  • Integrated database with standard codes
  • Include Introduction to Visual Basic


  • Nothing worth mentioning                         

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