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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Download Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Free Download

Present in the style of Windows 8

With PowerPoint 2013 to create presentations with pictures, graphics, audio and video.

PowerPoint 2013 is part of Office 2013 .

Versatile presentations

PowerPoint 2013 is a comprehensive presentation software. Using different templates to create presentations and displays it on the screen mode to an audience.

Many elements such as shapes, arrows and frames allow all individual representations.Practical: The arrangement of elements guides facilitate accurate alignment. With animations to hide content gradually or creates different transitions between slides.

In the presentations to Tie a pictures, graphics, video or audio. Notes to help the speakers at the lecture.

Surface and innovations

The user interface of PowerPoint 2013 is based on Windows 8 design. But under the hood there are some new features compared with PowerPoint 2010.

Presenter view in presentation mode

The presentation mode offers advantages over PowerPoint 2010 more functions.Most obvious is the new Presenter mode. On the screen of the presenter PowerPoint 2013 shows only the current slide notes, the next slide and a running clock while the audience sees only the actual presentation.

The presentation mode also offers a magnifying glass to enlarge excerpts from the film, a laser pointer and a film overview for the audience.

Embed images from Bing, Facebook, Flickr

In PowerPoint 2013, they bind a photo directly from the Internet. Clipart and Bing image search are always available. If you logged on to a Microsoft account, one also uses Flickr and Facebook photos.

Touch operation

PowerPoint 2013 uses it to its full extent on a tablet with touch operation. In presentation mode, scroll through the slides with intuitive swiping left and right or up and down.

Conclusion: top presentation software with outstanding presentation mode

PowerPoint is the undisputed leader among the presentation programs. In the 2013 version Microsoft shines especially with the new Presenter View. With the help of templates to quickly create a simple presentation. Until you PowerPoint 2013 really well controlled, but a longer training period is essential.

The touch control is of limited use to create a new presentation. In presentation mode, the touch controls work well and intuitively.


The link to download 60-day trial of Office 2013 Professional. PowerPoint 2013 can also be installed individually on request.

Last modified: 01/25/13

  • outstanding speakers view
  • Integration of online images
  • Guides in the alignment of elements
  • many templates
  • longer training
  • Touch operation only useful for presenting


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