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Microsoft Office Word Viewer

Download Microsoft Office Word Viewer

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Microsoft Office Word Viewer Free Download

Open Word documents with Microsoft Office Word Viewer

Last updated on: 18/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


Microsoft Office Word Viewer

If you really wish to open files though you don’t have Microsoft Office then Microsoft Office Word Viewer is the ultimate choice. It displays text documents dar in Microsoft Office formats, with it you can open and view DOC files without having to use Microsoft Office Word. In short, this free software is independent of the paid Microsoft Word.


Good format support

Microsoft Office Word Viewer can handle the major formats of the known writing program. The application supports the file types doc, docm, docx, and DOT. Unlike the built-in Windows operating system WordPad, Microsoft Office Word Viewer all existing formatting dar. The program sends the files to any printer. Editing functions are not available.


Usual operation

The use of Microsoft Office Word Viewer is straightforward. The user starts the software as usual by double clicking on one of the supported Word files. The application installs and runs in few minutes.


Without long waits

The interface of Microsoft Office Word Viewer is held spartan, but it fulfills its purpose. The display of Word documents is pleasantly fast vonstatten independently of the main memory-intensive application.


Overall, word viewer is worthy

The free program Microsoft Office Word Viewer does its job flawlessly. A free application for pure presentation and view files in Word format without Microsoft Office. This program isn’t a replacement of Microsoft Office but actually it provides you a simple way to be, if Microsoft Office is absent.

Microsoft Office Word Viewer supports the following formats




  • Microsoft Word displays documents
  • Represents all formatting
  • Free from macro virus
  • Less number of resources required
  • Compatible with many formats


  • No editing option
  • Macros cannot be run by it


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