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Microsoft Office OneNote

Download Microsoft Office OneNote

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Microsoft Office OneNote Free Download

Microsoft Office OneNote

Last updated on: 31/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav



Microsoft does not provide trial version of OneNote 2010 more. You can download a trial version of OneNote 2013 download or purchase a license for Office 2010 and use the download offered here. Microsoft OneNote manages digital notes of all kinds software from the Microsoft Office suite summarizes documents, archives, and multimedia files and makes the collected content with a full-text index can be found easily at any time. Microsoft OneNote combines any format in a large database. Regardless of whether it is documents, pictures, videos and audio files: The software collects, categorizes, and all information in so-called notebooks. Handwritten entries via the Tablet PC, voice messages using a microphone and processed by the software as well as traditional text files and web pages. Once housed in OneNote, Microsoft OneNote makes all the sources in full text searchable. A component of the balance of Notes with mobile devices rounds out the program. Microsoft OneNote 2010 as one of the main innovations provides the so-called back -view of the user interface. In the front view of the program and to create surfaces created as usual notes using different tools in the optical remote rear view finds printing, storage and shipping options. 


With Microsoft OneNote, you charge a versatile digital reminder to the desktop. Whether text, images, videos, or voice notes: OneNote stores with intelligent search and find countless digital content into a single interface. Especially handy in the new version is the connection to a web app. Microsoft OneNote is part of the package Office 2010 and cannot be downloaded individually. For activating the trial version, you need a product key that you get on the manufacturing side.



  • Supports multiple media types
  • Storing web content
  • Link to Microsoft Outlook
  • Office Web App connected


  • Rather complex

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