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Microsoft Office 2013

Download Microsoft Office 2013

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Microsoft Office 2013 Free Download

Free 60-day trial of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus

With the free 60-day trial of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus you test the latest version of Office software before buying.

The test package brings the programs Word 2013, PowerPoint 2013, Excel 2013, Outlook 2013, OneNote 2013, Access 2013 , Publisher 2013, and the Messenger Lync to the computer.

Known applications, new features

The new touch-optimized reading mode of Word 2013 documents by flipping through finger swipe. With the greatly expanded tracking for changes to edit document easier.Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus edited PDFs without additional software, and thus enters into direct competition with Adobe Acrobat . In Excel 2013 , the new function Flash Fill selected ranges of cells filled automatically. Excel to analyze the entire table, recognizes dependencies between cells and suggests a value or text. Creating pivot tables and graphs produced by Excel facilitates similarly suggestions. The new feature in Microsoft Office 2013 Quick Analysis allows you to preview for certain formatting options in the spreadsheet itself PowerPoint 2013 presentation mode divides the two different views for the audience and the presenter. On the Präsentiergerät you see next to a key point of the presentation list and more details. On tablets to switch between slides a finger gesture, accompanied with a stylus at the lecture on the film or use a virtual laser pointer. Outlook 2013 brings with views from all achievable advertismet menus for appointments, contacts and tasks. E-mails in Outlook 2013 you call tablet friendly on request in an optimized list view with larger areas.

Touch-optimized operation

In the operation of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus in comparison with some changes. The famous ribbon bar is expanded only when needed and is optimized for finger operation on touch screens. In addition to images you can embed it in 2013 Professional Plus Microsoft Office and videos via HTML code. All applications come along with new touch-optimized viewing modes.

Minimalist design à la Windows 8

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus uses minimalist tile design of Windows 8Everything seems all of a piece. Large, clean of icons refer to the most important functions. New templates provide visually appealing spreadsheets and presentations.

Conclusion: Improved all-round office suite

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus comes with many useful functions and facilitates the selective operation for touchscreen devices. The office suite is anything but friendly tablet. Many elements and selection options are too small for untrained fingers.

Other features of Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus convince, however: The PDF editor, greatly improved options for collaborative editing, the cloud integration with Skydrive and extras such as embedding YouTube videos are great innovations.

  • edited PDFs
  • advanced multimedia features
  • good touch navigation
  • helpful new assistant
  • almost forces the user to use cloud
  • Work on tablets only to a limited extent


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