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Microsoft Access: To access and create Database

Last updated on: 31/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav



Microsoft Access is a database management program included with Microsoft Office. It has been updated with significant changes. Microsoft Access has ability to easily create database related web apps and use them through SharePoint that colleagues can access easily.  The program provides tools for creating and managing databases using a graphical user interface in a specific format from Microsoft.



Microsoft Access has the ability to create Access apps that are fully compatible with SharePoint. It provides a number of templates that we download from the program from the Microsoft servers.  Online Access app templates are designed for collaboration with colleagues but there are also offline apps for local databases. These templates correspond to the typical needs of small and medium enterprises. After selecting from a variety of templates you will need to select a type of data to be tracked, such as contacts or tasks. Alternatively, create our own static or relational databases. A database is created on the definition of the fields and their data types. In the data mask views in Microsoft Access, we are in the data forms a defined, apply filters, and processes the information. Microsoft Access stores the created databases into the MDB format. It is possible to import created in other formats like SQL tables in our own Access database or an external data source, such as a Web service in Microsoft Access include.


Microsoft Access is part of the package Office and cannot be downloaded individually. For activating the trial version, you need a product key that you get on the manufacturing side.



  • Graphically very user friendly
  • Provides many templates
  • Web access and import-export functions


  • Unsuitable for very large database projects


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