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Learn to type rapidly, with fluency and Excellency

Last updated on: 18/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


MecaNet system

MecaNet provides a way of learning typing with guarantee of success, mainly because it uses the traditional method of the academies. Mecanet relies on games of typing and numerical keyboard.
With MecaNet begins practicing movements that combine pulsations of keys up to having them totally assimilated. And, once, when skill has been acquired by the fingers it passes to the words and later to the texts. This app follows this system and process along twenty lessons that advance progressively in difficulty. They are more than sufficient and surely, if you apply, you can skip the odd.



In case you are taking your first steps, MecaNet shows a keyboard that helps. Each key has a colour which corresponds with the finger to be pressed. If we want to track our progress, should create a user profile on MecaNet. Thus check the fault history, the beats per minute and our general improvements. Besides all this, MecaNet has games of typing, timed examinations  and courses for the numerical keyboard, functions that cannot boast many programs. MecaNet certainly is an excellent program for both takes our first steps with the keyboard and to improve the beats per minute as well. ¬†

Window wizard

It has primarily three moving windows first one is the top where it tells us what is the exercise we are running and if they are performed correctly or not. Second one, the lower left window where we can see an image of a keyboard which shows the letters to be pressed with flashing indications. And last but not the least, lower right window where you see two hands which indicate the distribution of keys with the fingers where finger tells you that you have to press any letter of your choice.

Installation follows as that!

To install MecaNet avoiding toolbars and third-party programs, you must choose Custom Installation (advanced) and uncheck the default checked options. To continue, click OK to install the Incredibar toolbar, click Cancel. In the next menu, choose New Custom installation and uncheck the default checked options.


What new in this version

Improved overall interface
Related Games to practice macanografía
Test generator that lets you create custom tests to your liking
New exams timed



  • Teaches typing
  • Lots of lessons
  • Difficulty progression lessons
  • Easy to use
  • Error History with statistics


  • Aspect for improvement



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