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Programming Language Interpreter Logo

Last updated on: 23/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav



MSWLogo is an interpreter of Logo programming language. It is derived from LISP partially structured with a special focus on creating graphics. This easy to use language was created for educational matters.  It is one of the most used languages ??to teach programming during the school years.


Interfacing and usability

MSWLogo interface is simple and easy to use. It supports multiple turtles and 3D Graphics. It also supports a windows interface thus I/O is available through this GUI and keyboard and mouse events can trigger interrupts. It has a display area and a control panel from which you can enter commands to the pointer ("turtle"). Also it lets you adjust the area that is visible. MSWLogo also allows input from COM ports and LPT ports. This app is not just limited to graphics as it can create small games and even Windows programs. You’ll be able to build your own square or graph in no time. MSWLogo saves and load programs with LGO extension and generated images in BMP format. Sources and stroke are modifiable configuration and support with a complete language reference. It supports LGO and BMP formats.


It is a great approach for beginners and kids to get started in programming on it.



  • The language is easy to learn and a long tradition
  • The interpreter is fast and intuitive
  • Good learning source for kids


  • Graphics cannot be exported to JPG
  • Is missing a button bar


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