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LiteManager: App to provide remote control on multiple PCs via the network

Last updated on: 31/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav



With LiteManager you control the home PC over the network or Internet. The program allows simultaneous work on several computers and easy changing between computers and offers a wide range of tools for administration. The interface of the program is as user-friendly as possible. You can reposition panels the way you like. In it window you’ll see the desktop of the remote computer and can manage them with the keyboard and mouse. The program consists of two parts the server module LiteManager Server installed on remote computers and the client module LiteManager Viewer installed on the administrator's computer.  


The file manager gives you access to the file system of the remote computer where you can move, copy and delete files. The remote task manager allows you to view the windows, processes and services on the remote computer. Infact if necessary you can start or stop the process or service you need. Power management allows you to turn a remote computer restart, off, lock or wake it. There are two types of clients (users) in the LiteManager text chat administrators are users who communicate via ROM-Viewer and regular users who communicate via ROM-Server. You can use the device manager to view and collect detailed information about hardware and software on remote computers. Through it is possible to automatically create reports for the specified computers and export them in the HTML or XML format. You can arrange connections on the map the way you need it. For making it more convenient you can use the additional window to draw lines between them, add additional objects, highlight them with colours. The Callback Connection feature allows the server to initiate a network connection. Because this mechanism it is possible to connect even to a server that is behind a firewall or if its IP address is unknown. You can use remote installation to update, install, restart or stop the LiteManager Server on a certain computer. Viewer has a built-in system of searching the network for Servers where the search uses IP address ranges so you can configure the search ranges easily.  



  • Use multiple PCs at once
  • Save mode reduces network traffic


  • It does not work with all Windows versions

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