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JavaExe: To Make Java application from .Exe into Windows application.

Last updated on: 31/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav



JavaExe is a software run as a Windows application that makes it possible to launch your Java application starting from an .exe as if it were about a Windows application or a system service. It gives support for 64-bit JRE. You can provide a JRE with your application. For this you must put it in a directory named jre in the directory of the EXE or in the directory resource. It is possible to mention in which minimum version of Java you wish to use to launch your application. So just copy JavaExe.exe in your directory with the Java application then give it the same name as your Class or home. Jar name. So that applications can be distributed by developers as a Windows application or Windows service.

Recent Features

JavaExe has lot of features listed as it reboot to the Windows Control Panel (Control Panel) and restoration of the Java application automatically after a system reboot. It has the ability to set a start screen, monitoring of system events in Windows, to change the icon of the executable file, to put the application in icon of the taskbar, with its own menu, launch only one instance of the application at the same time, can use any format of icon for the .exe, manage taskbar, shutdown management of the PC, or the standby, locking the session, dynamic splash screen, automatic detection of the type of launch according to the features used and much more.



  • Easy
  • Bunch of features
  • Provide java applications a windows platform
  • Need to install java development environment for this


  • Nothing worth mentioning

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