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Powerful system to set up your own Web forum

Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav


Invision Power Board, a forum script in PHP, one of the major programming languages ??development today, giving you the strength, quality, speed and ease you need to use.With basic knowledge of PHP, combined with database systems MySQL, you can mount a complete forum on your web, with all the features you can expect.


Accounts, among other things, user registration, usage statistics, support forskins , integrated help and FAQ (frequently asked questions), calendar, personal titles for "porters" most prolific, a variety of smileys for messages and, of course, a complete web management system. The interface of the forum is very clearly structured and intuitive for the user, which also has at its disposal a system of personal control to know what issues are the most active, what were the last messages posted and some utilities. It provides all of the features, tools and functionality for you to set up and develop a vibrant community. As it specializes in this one aspect of your website all the features are geared towards this goal and you can leave the improvement and additions to the Invision Power Services developers while you get on with managing the rest of your website.

Invision Power Board is free, but you cannot remove the copyright notices that appear at the end of the forum pages.

Invision Power Board is an award-winning scaleable bulletin board system allows you to effortlessly manage, build and promote your online community. It is advanced yet intuitive features like multi-moderation allow you to focus on developing your community rather than wrestling with complex settings.



  • Major programming languages ??development tool
  • Build your online community
  • Intuitive features



  • Copyright notices

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