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A more advanced version of IE for Windows XP

Despite the intertwining of the final version of Internet Explorer 9 , Internet Explorer 8 continues to be the option most advanced browser for Microsoft Windows XP users.

Attention: The download button lowers Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP. If you use Vista, download the Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista here.

Similar to previous versions, the visual Internet Explorer 8 comes with discrete, but very welcome change. The menu bar is back to his place, as well as the address bar at the top and the drop-down menu to access Favorites.

Internet Explorer 8 introduces two new tools: Accelerators and Web Slices .Accelerators show a number of online services available by clicking the right mouse button anywhere on a web page or text. If you liked the news, you can blog directly by clicking right on it. Internet Explorer 8 also has an extensive gallery withhundreds of new accelerators that you can install as complements.

Already feature Web Slices in Internet Explorer 8 works as an RSS feed and allows you to receive updated content of a particular page in your Favorites Bar.Simply select an area or site content and click on Web Slices icon. Use it to follow the moves of an online auction, the price of a share on the stock exchange, weather and more.

Internet Explorer 8 also includes InPrivate - security feature for anonymous surfing that once activated, allows you to navigate without that no data is saved (cookies, history, temporary files, forms, etc.).

Still in requisto security, Internet Explorer 8 offers the SmartScreen Filter, which prevents navigation suspicious sites and you protect against phishing scams (wire fraud).

If you are daquelhes that are running Windows XP and do not open, this is your version of IE.


During installation it is necessary to connect to the Internet, the file server connects to the author to download the full software. To download a version of Internet Exlorer 8 for Vista or older versions of Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 7), please click on "Previous Versions" to the right of review, and select the download you want.

Last update: 29/06/12

  • New Features
  • Incognito and anti-fraud protection
  • Faster and easier to use
  • Integration with various online services
  • Installation a little slow
  • Required Windows Live for some integrated services



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