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Hamachi Free Download

Fast, easy, secure: Virtual networks for multiple computers

With the free use Hamachi to build between multiple computers on a virtual network.

In a few clicks, even inexperienced users to connect to the computer of friends or work colleagues. A multiplayer game or chat, and a data exchange is nothing in the way.

Thanks to strong encryption, secure file exchange

Hamachi is based on a protected network with different connected computers.Moreover one has, inter alia, the work of accessing files on the home computer, moves arbitrarily large documents between the connected clients or are vacation photos to friends and acquaintances.

According to the developer Hamachi encrypts all data packets with modern standard algorithms. Including confidential documents remain protected from the prying eyes of others. Especially popular is the use of Hamachi for multiplayer online games.

Good documentation

After installing the software performs an easily understandable German assistant step by step through all program functions. For this you need a rule about five minutes and can be set up directly following virtual networks and exchange data with other Hamachi users. So Hamachi is working properly, the program for software and hardware firewalls must release one side, however.

After successful configuration, the further operation of the program is largely self-explanatory. The data transfer is so slight of hand, as if the participating computers connected by a cable.

Quickly and unobtrusively

The surface of Hamachi is quite similar to a chat program. If the connection is true on all sides of the virtual computer network, the transfer speeds are impressive.

Summary: User-friendly network client

Who very fast times requires a secure network and places no value on professional options, driving properly with Hamachi. Indeed occur in the configuration of the server - just for network games - always problems, but essentially the software runs smoothly.


On the supply side as well as in the Forum are detailed troubleshooting tips .

  • network created very simply
  • secure encryption
  • no advanced options




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