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Google SketchUp

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Google SketchUp Free Download

Easily and quickly draw their own 3D models

Google Earth offers a free alternative to the big names of the industry , such as 3dsmax, Maya or Cinema4D. Not content to monopolize the sector of search engines, Google further expands its range of activities by making architecture . As you plan your future home in 3D! 


Google SketchUp perfect software architecture is included with the classictoolbar drawing and filling. Other options are available via the menu system, you can also place them in pallets of additional tools . 

Getting Started

The 3D illustration is a complex task that Google SketchUp simplifies the maximum. The magnetization of the key points can easily find the end and middle segments, the center of the square. Google SketchUp is also able to predictwhere the ends are joined and assemble automatically.

The terminology has also been reviewed and the technical jargon goes out the window. The tool "extrusion" for example, is renamed "push / pull" more understandable for beginners. 

To use

Google Earth offers many presets (over 100 for "Materials", to reproduce textures of vegetation, metal or glass ) always easy to configure. You can also import many ready-made templates for bank 3D models online. 

Our verdict

Although it lacks some of the advanced features of its rivals, Google SketchUp is a simple and refreshing approach to design and 3D design. Ideal for beginners who want to get started smoothly or draw plans for their future home. 

Recent Changes

  • Improved support for large models
  • Faster and more intuitive
  • Improved sharing of 3D models
  • Improved text function
  • Good contextual help and magnetic markers
  • Great integration with Google Earth
  • Customizable workspace
  • The creation of objects is complicated curves
  • The export functions are missing to professional formats




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