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Google Earth

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Google Earth Free Download

Google Earth: 3D Erdnavigator with directions and Street View

Google Earth opens up new perspectives on our blue planet.

The free, interactive 3D World Atlas brings high-resolution satellite images anywhere in the world directly to the computer.

Continents, oceans, and the universe at a glance

Half directions, half 3D atlas, combines the free Erdnavigator satellite photos, maps and modeled 3D views with known powerful Google search - flight simulator and 3D Stellarium included. Besides zoom, angle and camera settings Google Earth has lots of photos of the town you want .About the Street View view, switch to the photographed panoramic view. In addition, Google Earth comes with underwater views of the ocean and the Google Sky feature. That will take you from the Earth into space and viewed on a journey through space, galaxies, nebulae and other astronomical phenomena.

Also, Google Earth has a flight simulator on board. From the cockpit view of an F-16 or a propeller plane to fly over the earth. Google also brings on the Google Maps switched advertising via search by company to the desktop. Upon request, the corresponding page is displayed with detail information and user reviews in Google Earth View.

Targeted local search

In search of a country, city or landmark, you simply give the name in the search box. One click Google Earth already takes the user to a smooth animated panning on a journey to the wanted place. Atlas of virtual flying routes out with any number of intermediate stops. The navigation on the maps of Google Earth is an intuitive way with the mouse.

Spectacular images

Google Earth provides a fascinating insight into the nature of our earth.Mountains, valleys or fully modeled city views from many metropolitan areas, the software displays almost as realistic as you would on a really peaks or in New York's Fifth Avenue.

The search for individual locations vonstatten goes pretty fast and is accompanied by nice animations. Depending on your internet connection you have to take the high quality but longer load times into account.

Conclusion: Excellent Digital Atlas

Google Earth is a more than interesting outlook on the future of atlases, route planning and teaching materials around geographical and astronomical matters.The variety of options of Google Earth makes it difficult, however, to recognize the advertising itself always labeled as such.


In addition to this free version, Google provides a positive and a Pro version , which attract with GPS support and even more accurate representation.

  • very good graphics
  • detailed Detaillinformationen
  • Worldwide detail
  • Advertise integrated into the software





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