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Google Chrome for Windows 8

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Interfacing of Google Chrome with Windows 8

Last Updated on: 09/10/2013

Google has released metro version of its chrome browser for Windows8’s users. This is its first attempt for Metro version and Google has been quite succeeded in it too. It has a collection of cool and appreciable features.


Easy installation: Google Chrome is completely a developer version program and it has easy configuration which seems familiar and also easy to use. To activate this Metro version you just need to install the latest Dev channel release from Google. It needs to be the default browser in Windows 8 to get a joyful experience. 

Similar to Desktop version of Chrome: It is quite similar to the desktop version of Google Chrome. So there is no big changes in its appearance has been introduced. Some of its features like thicker tabs, a few twisted colour schemes and more stuffing in tab icon have been introduced to make it more attractive. Its start screen features a slightly larger Chrome icon. Google Chrome for Windows 8's Modern UI isn’t as touch friendly as IE and it would take some time to get it, but it is easily synchronisable with Google. It has a menu bar in the top right corner that can be clicked for settings. It has also standard tabbed browsing that works smoothly.


Support Adobe Flash player: Chrome Metro also supports Adobe Flash Player across all sites it is working on, it is in- built into the browser for viewing all kinds of Flash content of 2D or 3D videos. So, there is no need for plug-in. But some features like swiping backwards and forwards are not supported yet.


Chrome Metro v/s IE10 for Metro: Chrome Metro, like IE10 includes Flash Player. But IE10 uses only approved list of sites whereas Chrome displays everything. Chrome has quick posting or mailing through the Share option and offers to restore your tabs when there is an improper shut down. It brings up a context menu, not thumbnail display of active tabs like in IE10 so it consumes less space.


It displays almost all sites. You can have full access to all of Chrome's settings from the Metro side. Chrome has quick posting or mail through the Share option and offers to restore your tabs when there is an improper shut down. It brings up a context menu, not thumbnail display for active tabs as the other browsers do and also it has in-built Adobe Flash Player so basically saves the space too. So, overall performance of Chrome Metro is much better and adaptable than other browsers. It won’t force you or won’t make you to compromise with your established habits for work and play. So if you are a Windows8 user and frustrated with the IE10 performance than Chrome Metro would be the better option to switch over.


Google's Chrome browser for the new interface of Windows 8

The Google Chrome Metro app uses the new Metro design of Windows 8 . In full-screen mode and window elements without the free browser is particularly suitable for tablet computers. In contrast to classical metro Metro apps Google Chrome is not available on the Windows Store and must be installed with a trick.

The Google Chrome Metro app comes with the developer version of Chrome on the desktop. After installation, you put Chrome as the default browser, activating the Chrome Metro app.

No real Metro style app 
Chrome Metro uses a kind of container for Metro mode and it shows a customized version of the Developer version of Chrome for. In particular Metro app features as the data exchange with other Metro apps and optimum integration into the system must be abandoned.

Scaled-down version of Metro 
Under the hood brings the Google Chrome Metro app with almost the same functionality as the desktop version. The Flash Player is already installed and integrated in the desktop version of the plug-ins work. The surface consists of an address and search bar, a tab bar across multiple pages and a menu button for additional functions.

The Google Chrome Metro app sneaks into the system and is of limited use as a replacement for Internet Explorer 10 Metro. It lacks meaningful gestures and the pop-up menu of options is not optimized for finger operation. Biggest plus is in contrast to Internet Explorer 10 Metro full Flash support and the available extensions.

  • Full Flash support
  • Fast page loading
  • Uses Chrome Extensions
  • Quick posting or mailing
    Offers to restore your tabs when improper shut down
    Brings up a context menu for active tabs not thumbnails

  • No real Metro App
  • Not optimized for touchscreens
  • It crashes on a lot of websites
    Some extensions don't work on this Metro version


KMPlayer screenshot